Somewhere off the coast of New York

I’m Dr. Kalen Ferris, Marine Biologist for Miskatonic University, and welcome to our Expedition blog.

And that sound horribly formal, doesn’t it? I’m really not sure what I’m supposed to be doing here. We were actually in the process of boarding when Dr. Pickman came up to me –he’s the head of our social media program here– and asked if I would be willing to document our expedition on-line. I said sure and just grabbed the laptop and folder he was handing at me; I was actually more concerned about getting my equipment on at the time.

Then tonight, as I’m sitting here in my cabin after having the going away party on shore then our second going away party on-board with the diving team, and really wanting to just go to sleep, I see the laptop, read the folder, and realize that I’m supposed to be giving a daily report on our expedition. Starting today. THANKS DR. PICKMAN!

Anyway, here we are. The Miskatonic University 2017 South Pacific expedition. Me, Dr. Stepherson and Dr. Parimala are going to spend the next three or four months sailing around the south Pacific. It’s winter there, so it should be calmer seas, and we should be back home before things get rough.

And early enough to start classes again. Groan.

That’s a joke, future students. We love having you here.

Anyway, this is the Miskatonic University 2017 South Pacific Expedition. Glad to have you with us.

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