Welcome to Miskatonic Expeditions

Hello everyone and welcome to Miskatonic Expeditions, the latest public and scientific outreach project brought to you by Miskatonic University.

The purpose of this site is to keep the general public and the greater scientific community appraised as to the latest research expeditions being undertaken by us here at the University. As you know, Miskatonic University has a long and prestigious history of sending expeditions to the four corners of the globe in order to expand our knowledge of history and the sciences. This site will, for the first time, allow other scientists, our alumni and interested members of the general public to follow along on these voyages of discovery with us, adding their knowledge and insight to the discoveries we are making.

This is a very exciting new project for us and we welcome all of you to join us as we expand the light of scientific knowledge into the dark corners of the Earth.

Dennis William
Director of Expeditions

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